A closet full of 2ndhand, exchange and selfmade clothes!

I was starring at my closet this morning.. I couldn’t choose what to wear. By scanning the clothes I was thinking about the last time I went shopping. I mean really shopping.. coming back with more-than-1-or-2-pieces, -with-5-bags like shopping. I couldn’t remember. I guess the last time was a long time before my trip around the word in 2012. Because of the trip I had to save money, so I didn’t went shopping that often.

During traveling I experienced a way of getting ‘new’ clothes. I didn’t buy them, but I exchanged clothes in hostels or with the people where I stayed at (couch-surfing). Clothes I didn’t want anymore or that someone else liked, I gave them away or we exchanged. I came back with a backpack full of new clothes. And the clothes I still have, have a special meaning to me. A memory of the place or the person I got it from. 

After traveling I came back with zero money. But yes I’m a girl who likes to have some new clothes so now and then:) So after a few weeks I went shopping. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, because I didn’t have that much. Solution: secondhand stores. I was surprised about what they got. I bought some cheap clothes and was happy with it. In the back of my head wondering where it came from, who was wearing it etc.

I was at a friend and she wanted to throw some clothes away. It didn’t fit in her closet anymore. ‘You can give it to me if you want! I will pick the ones I like and bring the rest to the secondhand store’. Some of it was still perfect for me.

The funny thing was.. every time I was wearing clothes of the second hand store people started saying that they liked it so much. They were surprised when I said I bought it in the secondhand store. Some gave me a dirty face, but the most a lovely smiling one.

I asked some friends if they wanted to give their clothes to me if they don’t like it anymore or if they like to exchange clothes. We are both rid of our ‘old’ one and a closet full of new ones!:) Making new clothes or jewelry myself is what I like to do too. Nice to make, Nice to wear.

I have to say.. you have to search in the secondhand store. And of course they don’t have more sizes if it’s to big or to small. And 2 times I bought something what didn’t feel good wearing it. A weird kind of energy.. I gave it back.

This morning a realized that I have so much secondhand, travel, selfmade, exchange clothes.. clothes with a story. And I’m proud of it. It makes me happy If I see myself in the mirror with those clothes, giving it a new life. And all without or less money, the money I want to spend on ‘things to do’, new experiences and travels. More important and valuable to me.

The next time you go shopping.. just check out the secondhand store and give clothes a new life and do something great with the money you save! 🙂

Benefit list!
– Giving clothes a new life
– You don’t wear what everyone else is wearing, exclusive;)
– You save money for adventures!
– You save the environment too!
– WIN-WIN-WIN situation

Exchange, buy 2ndhand, make and create your own. HAVE FUN!

I did a little photoshoot today wearing only second hand or handmade/selfmade clothes and jewelry.

Photoshoot ingredients: Canon 60D camera, remote control, tripod, me, myself and I! 



11 thoughts on “A closet full of 2ndhand, exchange and selfmade clothes!

  1. Maartje says:

    Wow wat een leuke foto’s! Je straalt 🙂 t geluk vlamt eraf! Mooierd!!
    Trots op je creativiteit en durf!
    Knuffel! XXX

  2. Eline says:

    Nice pictures! It looks like you have had a lot of fun making them 🙂 And yes, looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. You look GREAT!

  3. Marja says:

    Wat prachtig Roeleke!! Je mams attendeerde mij op bovenstaande foto’s! Zonder te weten werkte het ook nog eens heel ontspannend om haar mooie dochter zo te zien stralen!! Super… en dan redt je het ook nog om een mooi grijs leren jasje van “your sister” weg te geven aan mij! xxx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dat ziet er heel leuk uit Roeleke! Second hand is niet verkeerd. Ben zelf ook fan van marktplaats, speelgoed voor Roan tweede hands en dat ziet er ook nog goed uit. Xxx

  5. Ellen says:

    He lieverd je kunt zo als model de kost gaan verdienen. Wat gaaf wat je hebt gedaan en geschreven. En ik ben het helemaal met je eens, in de second hand stores zijn leuke dingen te kopen. In Lichtenvoorde zit ook een leuk zaakje mocht je nog eens deze kant inkomen. Dikke knuffel

  6. Arno Pulpo says:

    my lovely elfish princess!!!!so adorable!!!!everything fits you perfectly!!!!and i looooooooooooooove the red lipstick!!!!beautiful!!!

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