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Join me on a 12 day adventure to Egypt,

that will be more than just an adventure

24th of November –  6th of December 

With my Egyptian friend Ammar, I’ve designed a trip through the sacred lands of Egypt. A journey that consists of all kinds of different experiences.


From sleeping in a luxury villa with a swimming pool and jacuzzi to sleeping under the stars in the middle of the desert. From discovering the underwater world to spending time amongst the great pyramids of Giza.

From meeting ourselves in silence to having great evening gatherings. From doing nothing at all to the joy of doing things you’ve never done before (horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving or kitesurfing). 




This is not just a trip or cool adventure! 

It’s a journey into you 




The intention of this trip is to have immediate experiences that open up the heart.


This trip is an invitation to meet yourself in the silent desert by turning your eyes away from the outside world and turning your gaze within, to meditate and contemplate.


An invitation to leave your comfort zone by sharing and expressing from the depths of your heart and by doing things you’ve never done before.


An invitation to let yourself come alive in a sacred and beautiful environment that will nurture body, heart and soul.



Traveling isn’t just traveling, traveling is getting to know yourself beyond who you believe yourself to be and to discover the limitlessness of your being.

A trip that brings you closer to you. An invitation to drop into your heart, to trust the unknown and let yourself come alive!


An invitation to BE yourself to the best of your ability.

In februari 2018 I fell in love with Egypt, when I was there with a group of friends. For more than 3 weeks I was immersed in the beauty of Egypt. There is absolutely something magical and sacred about this country.


I met Ammar on my first day. He showed me and 2 friends around in Dahab and he told us inspiring stories. During our entire time in Egypt, Ammar was in the background present and made anything happen, before we even asked him to. Ammar does what he loves, he isn’t working, he is playing!


Meeting Ammar is meeting a friend.
His open loving heart will light your heart up in an instant.

We have Ammar with us during the entire trip. He takes care of the logistical part. Traveling with Ammar is a whole new experience of traveling out of our own planned bubbles.


He is very connected to the land in its purity and knows that everything is possible. He is going to invite all of us to join him in his magical way of working by staying true to the moment and to be open for all possibilities. Because he knows that anything is possible when there is an authentic intention. “We can make anything happen”.




We create this trip together by following the flow of the moment. There is space for everything that wants to be shared, done and said! (Guided mediations, coaching sessions, playing games, parties etc.)

We’ve designed a plan and we’ve planted the seeds, but according to the flow of the moment it can be changed as we go. Ammar is inviting you to bring up your ideas and tips to keep us all open and fully connected to the now moment.


The itinerary of the trip

* Sleeping for 3 nights in a luxury villa with a swimming pool and jacuzzi in beautiful Dahab


* Going to the silent and pristine deserts being carried and accompanied by camels, where we will sleep for 3 nights under the stars.


* Spending three days at the amazingly beautiful Blue Lagoon, where we will sleep in tents that are set up for us and where we get to play in and on the water! (snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing)


* Flying out to Cairo for two days to spend some time amongst the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx


* Spending the last evening and night in Sharm El Sheik. 




This is just the outline. Snorkeling, campfire dinner, meeting the Bedouins, jeep safari, dinners at amazing restaurants, horse riding, group sessions and other good stuff will naturally happen, because there is room for everything in the flow of the moment! With Ammar by our side, you will be amazed by what is possible.

Date: 24th of November to the 6th of December



Early bird: € 1900 to be paid before the 22nd of Oktober 

Night owl:) € 2000 to be paid before the 5th of November


If you can’t pay it fully at once before the 22nd of Oktober, you can mail me and pay 50% to confirm and save your (early bird) spot.


  • Transportation within Egypt (including domestic return flight Sharm El Sheik – Cairo)
  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation for all nights
  • All activities and trips (except dive and kitesurf activities, you get a 50% discount)
  • All group meals (almost all meals)




Not included 

  • Your own flight to Sharm El Sheik arriving on the 24th of November 
  • Visa ($25-35, that you can get upon arrival to Sharm el Sheik airport)
  • Your own travel insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Personal spending
  • Some meals (if you go for lunch/breakfast/coffee by yourself you pay for your own food)

Meet your true Self in silence, share from the heart, feel the power of a group that carries the same intention and enjoy the beauty of this incredible planet! LET’S PLAY and discover what it is like to BE ALIVE! 



Feel free to ask me any questions!

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