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We are all looking and longing for something to complete us, so we can feel at home. This painting contains a lot of symbolism that are all invitations to turn around, to turn within, to discover, feel, heal and meet the one we are looking for. The one we are intended to meet and remember: Our Self. It is the one that holds the entire universe, the moon, the earth, the pyramids and the stars. The one that experiences nothing but itself in all it sees and feels.

In order to heal, remember and transcend we have to look the challenge, confusion, struggle, pain and pleasure in the eye and say, I feel you, I accept you, I embrace you. I am here for you, because you are a part of me. Knowing the one, is knowing all. Wherever we look we will see nothing but the one. The seeking for something or the ‘other’ to complete ourselves stops. We can then experience pure love with, through and for an ‘other’, because nothing is more joyful and natural than to love, learn and create with, for and through an ‘other’ a.k.a. our very own Self. The ONE.

Emanated by us, for us, through us. The beginning and the end. The source of all.
SYMBOL of Remembrance & Transcension.



Fine art paper: Certified Art GICLEE™
Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching (310gsm) paper.
Numbered and signed by Roeleke
Certificate of authenticity
Size of original: 120x 80cm.
Original available — Contact for more info.

30x45 cm € 210 / 50x75 cm  €369 / 80x120 cm  €693