Go for plan A & be All in!

“This is my ‘plan A’, and if it doesn’t work out, than I have my ‘plan B”. This is split energy. You give your attention to plan A, but you also think about plan B, ‘just in case’. What you actually say, is that you do not for a 100% believe and trust plan A. There is resistance. This can be fear or doubt. The fear makes us create a plan B. So we are ‘save’.

The question is: How much do you want plan A? If you believe in the bigger picture/vision of your plan A, and you give it all you have, than you don’t need a plan B. It doesn’t mean that it is going to workout exactly and precisely as you planned or visualizes. But even if it goes differently, you can trust that everything will work out perfectly for you.

Go for that what you want and keep on going. The universe has your back. It has plan B till Z and it will choose the most fun ‘road’ for you…  Be all in, trust, follow through, keep on going, surrender and receive. The universe will show you the way.


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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