I am going to die, so I better have fun and live fully

“I am going to die, at least my physical body, so I better have fun and live this life fully”.

This thought can be very helpful. It can bring you back to alignment. It can help you to loosen up a bit in moments of overthinking and worrying. It can encourage you to do things what scares you to do. The last push in your back to take that leap of faith… To call that one person, to quite your job and go for that what you really love to do or to finally go on that trip you dream about. Steps towards your desires! The thought can make you realize that you don’t have to do anything other than having fun in everything you do.

When you are having fun…. you feel good…. you are in alignment. You are inspired, you have ideas flowing to you, you’ll feel encouraged and powerful. You will be a nicer person for yourself and for others around you. Think about a moment when you had a lot of fun. It was enjoyable and the thought of it, put still a smile on your face. Everything is easy and flowing in moments of fun.

If you are not enjoying yourself or afraid of doing that what you desire to do. Thinking about this thought might help you.

“I am going to die, so I better have fun and live my life fully” go for it!!

Have fun.

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