Your time is now! Get off your ass.

Already a month back from the ‘Camino De Santiago’. It’s not that easy to keep the “camino” feeling back home. Or maybe I should say, It’s not easy to stay with al my plans and dreams I had on the camino. To keep the faith and trust to realize my dreams even if they are not crystal clear. I had a strong faith in it a month ago. But today the glance of it disappeared. The faith is still there, but a little dusty. Why? is what I ask myself today. I know I did it myself. I know, it’s only me who is responsible for that.

Of course I can say, It’s because of al those people ask me over and over again if I have a job already as a physical therapist, where I’m going to live, and comments like: ‘We all have to work, just do what we all do’ or ‘you can still have your freedom if you choose for that job.’ It’s true.

And just that makes me doubting. It’s not the people who ask me logical questions. NO, It’s ME starting to lose the faith in myself. It’s ME feeling those questions as a pressure. I talked about it with my sister and she hold up a mirror.

This is what they said: “Every week you pop up some ideas, talk about it with us and others.. full of energy and inspiration and then you are waiting. You don’t act on it. You don’t take the fist steps. Okay, you take one little step. But then you start analyzing. Is it good enough? Am I to idealistic? And all the energy is gone. And you start with another plan you have and the same thing happens. You always want to do things perfect. If it’s not perfect, you stop. You think to much! You are afraid to make mistakes. What is actually weird, because you are always the one who follows your intuition what leads you to the most value lessons and amazing experiences. Do I have to remember you that you learn from mistakes and that you grow if you make them? You can not start something without making them and do everything “perfect”. So get off your ass, and start ACTING! Take steps and don’t stop if something not goes the way you wanted. Keep the faith and don’t be afraid to fail. Make mistakes and move on!! Who believes in you if you don’t even believe in yourself?”

Just that. BAM. I had nothing to say.. because they were so absolutely right… Thank you beautiful sister for this reflection and inspiration.

I just got off my ass and took the first steps. Soon more about it…

6 thoughts on “Your time is now! Get off your ass.

  1. Ellen says:

    He lieverd. Ik geloof in jouw. Kijk eens even op mijn startpagina van mijn site. Daar staat een gedicht wat ik graag met je wil delen. Weet dat ik ook iedere keer uitgedaagd wordt om nieuwe stappen te zetten. Als je zin hebt in een bakkie geef een belletje of appje. Dikke knuffel.

    • Roeleke says:

      Hoi lieve Ellen, Dankjewel voor je berichtje. Wat een prachtig gedicht. Fijn deze te lezen. Ik kom graag binnenkort langs voor een bakkie. Ik laat het je weten. Veel liefs

  2. Matt says:

    Ah, dude, I feel exactly the same way – it’s so difficult right now. I just want to run away back to the Camino; except that it would be running away this time and that is not a good idea…ugh…but this has made me feel a little better this morning. It is all in our own hands, after all…xxx

    • Roeleke says:

      Matt! This is how I feel sometimes too. But indeed, this is not a good reason to go back;) Would be nice tough, would love to see you again. I’m happy it made you feel better.

  3. Joris says:

    Wauw! Dit is echt precies wat ik nodig had! Ik zit ook altijd met hetzelfde! Vol ideeën en energie maar binnen no-time weer achterover te leunen en niks te doen! Bedankt voor het delen!

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