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30x30 cm € 139 / 50x50 cm  €236 / 70x70 cm  €369 / 90x90 cm €639

When we release the labels and categories we impose on others and ourselves, as well as the limitations we place on our identities, we realize that there is no inherent distinction between any of us. The perceived divisions arise from mistaking individual waves for separate entities instead of recognizing them as part of the same vast ocean. Each of us is merely a unique manifestation, like waves rising from the same source.

Ultimately, it is only our perceptions and perspectives that create the illusion of separation. This painting serves as a reminder that fundamentally, there is unity and interconnectedness, enabling us to authentically express ourselves in every moment.

SYMBOL of Connection, Union & Closure 

No One Here


Fine art paper: Certified Art GICLEE™
Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching (310gsm) paper.
Numbered and signed by Roeleke
Certificate of authenticity
Size of original: 100x 100cm.
Original available — Contact for more info.