The moment of surrender is when life begins

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To Trust and Surrender, it seems so difficult sometimes, because our mind keeps us busy with all kinds of thoughts, specially if life takes us on some unexpected little side roads. When events in life go different than planned, the mind often starts to panic or worry. It wants to get back in control.

By keeping our mind focussed on that what we would like to experience and by surrendering to the unexpected change in circumstances, our intuition and gut feeling tells us what actions to take to the best possible outcome.

Trust and surrender are keys to let it all unfold in front of our eyes in an unexpected way. In a way we can’t even think of or organize ourselves. It’s is al done for us if we are following trough by keeping the trust. The only job is than to enjoy the experience.

 A mind who wants to be in control of everything can make you have an unpleasant experience. A mind that can adept quickly to unexpected circumstances and surrenders to the moment will get excited and curious about the little adventurous side road life takes on for whatever reason.

A little story.


I am on the airport in Reykjavik, Iceland, drinking a fresh beet juice. Yesterday in the afternoon right before I was about to go to the airport, I discovered that I had a stop over for more than 18 hours instead of the ‘normal’ 2 till 6hrs. I hadn’t notice it, till my friend ask me for how long I had to enjoy myself between flights. I had no idea, so I checked. WHAT? Somehow I had overlooked the time gab when I booked the flights.

For a moment I was stuck on the question: Seriously, how could that happen? How could I have overlook that? Paradoxically it didn’t surprise me, because it seems to be a tendency in my life that I keep on surprising myself with unexpected curves in the road. I googled for a second “hostels in Reykjavik, till I realized that there is no fun in booking a hostel while enjoying the last hours in the garden, ‘Vondeltuin’ in Amsterdam, having great company. I decided to trust that it would work out better that I could plan and imagine at that point myself. 

During the flight I met 4 fun people. International students studying in the Netherlands who were about to go on an adventurous trip trough Iceland. I told about my 18 hours Iceland adventure ahead of me. They decided to take care of me. So kind! When we arrived at midnight, they took me in their mini rental car. The car wasn’t designed to carry that amount of luggage and 5 people, but we made it fit!! In the hostel I was delighted to get a private room with queenside bed and the best shower.

In the morning I met my awesome new friends again during breakfast and they decided to drive me back to the airport, before their road trip would begin. So cool! We overloaded the mini car again and they waved me goodbye at the airport.

And now I am here, enjoying a juice in a well designed modern juice bar with the best chill out music. I have enjoyed this little side road adventure, Thanks to this extra night I feel physically fit, I’ve met some cool people and this little time in Iceland has inspired me to come back and explore this beautiful country!  Ooooh and I am about to meet a wonderful person to have some fun and inspiring conversations with, that is going to sit next to me in the airplane on my 10 hr flight to Los Angeles. 

I can come up with thousands of reasons why this side road happened….


But actually we don’t have to know the reasons why life goes as it goes…. We simply have to enjoy all surprises, adventures and ‘side roads’. We always can and we always will if we trust and surrender. Life unfolds in front of our eyes. It’s up to us to enjoy it as much as we like.



The moment of surrender is when life begins!!

 – Marianne Williamson

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