The story about little oak tree

The story about little oak tree

I was invited to join the 2 amazing workshops of Grey to Green in Gent, Belgium, in july. The workshop ’Choices & Results’ and ’Pure motivation’. Both workshops were so inspiring, it changed my prospective and it brought me closer to get to know my pure and inner motivation. What is driving me? What are the things that makes me ’glow’? I’m really grateful for the chance to be part of those 2 valuable days and to learn about the wonderful green to grey concept, what I use daily. By now it’s integrated into my life. Check the website If you like or ask me about my experience.

But the reason of this blog is sharing a little story. A story what was told in one of the grey to green workshops. It’s beautiful, Listen..

…A little acorn, hanging on the strong branches of his mother, the oak tree, was worried about his life. What was going to happen to him, and even more so, who he was going to be.
His mother reassured him, saying that he was meant to be an oak tree and that he only had to listen to his heart and let it happen. One day, an autumn storm shook the branch he clung to violently, and his mother urged him to let go. he fell, not hearing her farewell… and landed on a pick-up truc, next to a little tree.
“Who are you?” he asked. “I am a orange tree,” was the answer. The truck drove to an orange grove where the farmer took out the little orange tree and planted it next to other orange trees. Then he swept out his truck and the little acorn flew in the air and landed next to his new friend.

“Wat are we going to do here?” he asked. Little orange tree told him that he should sleep – winter was coming, and they would wake up again in spring. Spring arrived, and little acorn woke up and stretched and stretched and popped out of his shell. He stretched even more and felt his tiny branches. Little orange tree grew as well. They enjoyed the sunshine, the rain, the heat and the cold and as such, season followed upon sea on until one winter, little orange tree had his first oranges, witch the farmer gladly harveted, together with the gifts from all the other trees in the orange grove.

Little oak tree so much wanted to grow oranges as well, bit it simply did not work. No amount of stretching and praying and turning his branches to the sun helped him. He was sad and desperate; he only grew taller and wider, not noticing how good this actually felt. One day, the farmer dug out little oak tree and planted it next to his house, where he lived with his wife and baby daughter. There, little oak tree stood amongst rose bushes, bearing beautiful flowers. He asked them what they did. “We grow roses”.. they said. He admired the beauty of the roses and he loved their smell. Now, at last, he knew what he wanted to do – grow roses! He tried and he tried. But again, he only could grow taller and wider. No roses to be seen. He became sad en desperate again, without appreciating his strength and sturdiness.

One winter, whilst he slept, he heard his mother’s soft voice telling him in his dream that in his heart he knew what he was meant to be. In spring he awoke, tall and wide, but he still did not know what he was supposed to do. One day, the farmer came and hung a swing on the oak tree’s strongest branch and pushed his little girl. She loved to swing, higher and higher she went, and little oak tree enjoyed her laughter. And all of a sudden he new that he had become the tree he was meant to be.

A few years later the farmer built a tree house amongst his branches. There, the little girl often was, talking tho herself and to now big oak tree – about life, her friends, and also about her fears and desires. Little girl became big girl and the oak tree knew all her secrets. One day she came to sit at the foot of his now mighty trung and was crying. “I don’t know who I am supposed to be”. Oak tree so wished to be able to tell her what his mother had told him all those years ago… Just to be the person that she already was. But she could nog hear him. So he shook his branches and sent down one of his little acorns, witch fell right into her lap. Big girl took the acorn and held it up, looked at the big oak tree and understood:

“You are so big and strong, but this is what you were in the beginning.”
“Yes!”, said big oak, “and the only thing I had to do was stop imitating others, and to trust in myself. So just listen to your heart and follow its calling. Your heart knows!”

Big girl looked at her swing, the tree house and nodded.. she could relax and live her life now.

Based on a tale by Max Lucado

Picture taken by me in Central Australia -2012

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