You, me, she – the mirror

I like to share this poem a special friend wrote. I’ve met her one week ago in Spain, feels like a lifetime. Thank you Chiara for the beautiful night we had together. I’ll take care of the part you left me. You, Me, She – the same. Grateful!


We are two. Sitting on a wooden bench.
Only a handful of houses around us. All around is nature.
Sierra Nevada with its white hair is watching us.
Probably laughing of us, teasing. I’m almost certain.

Four crossed legs warmed by a brown checkered blanket and too many blue eyes in so little space.
It’s cold.
You and your piercing blue eyes, able to hit some of the more hidden parts of me.
Yes, I’m hiding.
I feel vulnerable and that disturbs me.
It disturbs me and makes me happy.

I hide from myself.
And you, as a mirror, I, as a mirror, allow me to see myself again.
That’s why I thanked you.

I feel ready to be ready.

Me, as if it was a new first time, or rather, a new awakening.
I am drowsy but I seek, I find and I welcome.

Picture of you as an alarm clock. One of these ancient alarms, you are colored of orange.
You ask me and I can’t answer.
It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I have so many things to say, millions.
I know all and I know nothing.
But now I can’t say a word.

Now, I just want to enjoy this deep breath and smile of joy that you can easily find out in my eyes.
I find another time myself. I can hear my breath.

And I feel happy, just hidden under a dust and dirty bedspread.
A simple gesture, a breath deeply.

You are a blast from the inside out.
And I’m always here, where I dwell ever.
In a little ball of fire between the shoulder blades and lungs.

A small sphere that is becoming bigger and bigger.
Irradiates the universe.
A simple question.
A simple answer.
Everything returns to be clear.

The day when we will meet we will sit, we will create a shower of smiles and talk about everything.
Or maybe not, we will remain alone in silence.
Or we will dance without a sense.
Or we will run in a green field.
Or sing a stupid song. Out of tune.

I have no idea.
And I don’t care.
One thing is certain, we will laugh.

I carry with me the part of you that you have kindly left me.
I’ll take her around the world, she will see a lot of things and live a lot of emotions.
She will have fun and and play with the same naivety of children. It’s my superpower!

I’ll show her who I am.
And when we will meet again, I’ll make you know her again.
You will be proud of how I have taken care of the part of you that you left me.

Do the same with mine.
Let her laugh, play, joke, make her talk to so many people because she love to have fun with people.
And she is curious, always making questions.
She loves to listen and sing and dance.
To do anything that can be stupid, always.

She has boundless imagination and her mind always open a thousand windows that make me laugh.
She loves herself and loves people.
She and me.. we are clear, spontaneous, brave, kind, transparent, authentic.
Sometimes it is difficult for us to be ourself, because we frighten easily.
But we are learning.
We are in the learning process!

And I don´t know if you noticed. But I kissed you a thousand times last night.
I’ll tell you just so you know, in case you had not realized.

I got my pink ball.
I got my pink and clean bedspread around.
And apart from pink, that is a bit much for me
– so I put little green circles –

I have a dream in my heart, or may be, more than one.
You, and therefore I, as a projection.. or was a mirror in the middle?
I finally blurred.
You opened the tap and I made a pure energy shower.
You know? It was also the mirror, in the middle, wet.
And me?

REALLY, I didn’t want but, at the end, I agreed.


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