Are you feeling stuck in your relationships, business, or life direction? Do you notice recurring patterns that hold you back? Perhaps it's time for a breakthrough with awareness, clarity, and practical guidance with the help of Human Design and intuitive guidance. 

I offer transformative sessions that dive deep into the areas where you seek clarity or experience struggles, whether it’s relationships, career, personal direction, communication with your child, or persistent life challenges. My approach is unique and powerful, blending the profound insights of Human Design with my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.

Intuitive & In Depth  


+ Session: 90 min session 
+ Follow up session: An additional 20 min session to check in with you and to answer remaining questions.
+ Session Recordings
+ Prep time: I take my time before our session to dive into your chart.

The session can be held in English or Dutch.



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In-Depth Exploration: Through the lens of Human Design, we'll explore your unique energetic blueprint, shining a light on your inherent strengths, challenges, and potential.

Intuitive Guidance: Beyond the framework of Human Design, I tap into my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to offer you personalized, practical guidance that resonates with your current energetic state.

Extended Support:
Each session lasts 90 minutes, allowing us to dive deep into your theme. Additionally, you'll receive a 20-minute follow-up session to address any further questions or insights that have arisen.

It’s a journey into understanding yourself on a deeper level and making decisions, reopening the inner doors to flow, clarity, and inner freedom. By tuning into your blueprint and the energetics of the moment, I offer guidance that goes beyond conventional methods, empowering you to make meaningful and lasting changes.

What to Expect

Way more than just a Human Design session.

1. Book a session.
2. I contact you via email to discuss a suitable date and time.
3. I dive into your Human Design Chart 
4. We have our session, plan a follow up session and you receive the recording. 
5. We have our follow up session. 

Email me at if you have any questions.

How it works


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