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Human Design Guidance Session

1-1 Program

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"She is an absolute game-changer"


I felt stuck and overwhelmed, but she guided me through a journey of growth and transformation unlike anything I've ever experienced. Her unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and practical guidance helped me break free from old patterns and step into a more aligned and empowered version of myself.

"Her openness & authenticity created the perfect space to show up exactly as I am"


I feel honored I got to work with Roeleke so closely. She gave me the opportunity to explore myself on the deepest levels. She whole heartedly cares about you and is passionate about being there to provide support, feedback and new perspectives on any topic. She never fails to set a perfect example of a humble, open and honest co-leader and co-creator.

"Working with her has been a transformative experience for me"


I started out feeling lost and uncertain about my path forward, but Roeleke has provided me with the tools, guidance, and support I needed to navigate through the challenges and obstacles I faced. Her compassionate and intuitive approach helped me uncover hidden truths about myself and change my limiting beliefs and habits that were holding me back.

 "I felt truly seen"


Working with Roeleke was incredibly pleasant. So much knowledge, wisdom, and great communication skills. But most remarkable of all is that I felt truly seen, that is something rare. Grateful.

"She has helped get back in touch with my light, joy & authenticity"


Roeleke is a bright beacon of light and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is sharp, sweet and is always aiming high for you. Working with her feels intimate and sincere what has allowed me to dive deep and to face and embrace hidden parts of myself. She has helped me countless of times to get back in touch with my own light, joy & authenticity. I loved working with her, a real team player & friend for life.

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