My story

I help freedom seekers to remember their truth, invision & design their game, and break free from constraints. 

Hi and welcome! I'm happy you're here. My name is Roeleke, sounds like Rulika, and I am born in the Netherlands. I am an artist and guide on the path to (inner) freedom. 

I've been driven by an insatiable curiosity about life's deepest questions: Who am I? and Why am I here?

This curiosity has led me on a transformative journey across the globe. Along the way, I've experienced moments of profound clarity and navigated through many 'dark nights of the soul' challenges.

Through these experiences, I've come to realize that life isn’t about gaining something, but rather about dissolving the barriers that stands in the way of recognizing our inherent freedom. It's about acknowledging and accepting our humanity, our blueprints and life, with all its twists, challenges, and surprises.

I've found that many insights emerge through self-expression, play, and life experimentation. It is the reason why I paint and why I help people remember their nature by approaching life as a game that we get to play. 

From a young age, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" have been the questions on my mind. The quest for answers became the heartbeat of my life, encouraging me to explore the nature of reality and the essence of human existence.

My childhood was marked by vivid visions, clear knowings, and memories of other lifetimes. To me, these experiences were normal, and I assumed everyone shared them. However, the worried looks and confused reactions from others revealed the contrast between my reality and that of the people around me.

As the years passed, my journey became more confusing. I felt increasingly disconnected from the people around me and even myself. Therapy and medication didn’t help; in fact, they made me feel more isolated. But one day, in complete exhaustion during a therapy session, I surrendered completely, as if I gave up on life. In that moment, I had what people would call a ‘mystical’ experience. Suddenly, everything became clear. I remembered. I was love and freedom itself, not separated from anything or anyone. And my mission was to embrace this truth.

This revelation transformed my life. For a while, I felt euphoric. I moved to a new city, fell in love, and lived fully. Life was just happening, like a dream, except I was wide awake to it. But this sense of freedom wore off, and a painful, abusive experience shattered my peace, leaving me confused and seeking answers once more.

In the years that followed, my quest intensified. During my third year of physical therapy studies, I took a break to travel the world and visit places from my recurring visions. The people I met and the places I visited provided pieces of my puzzle. They helped me reconnect with myself and let go of my need for acceptance, validation, or control. Easier said than done, but I felt the strength to continue following my inner guidance.

After my return, I immersed myself in esoteric books, seeking to understand my visions, dreams, and the geometric shapes and patterns I saw. I also wanted to share my experiences with others, so I initiated an awareness-expanding project for physical therapy students, with the theme “More Than Just a Body,” supported by a teacher who believed in my ideas. The project was successful, opening possibilities and a job opportunity. Yet, despite external success, this wasn’t it.

My desire for freedom, answers, and ‘enlightenment’ led me once again to the far corners of the world. I participated in retreats and spiritual circles, sat for days in meditations, walked a pilgrimage, spent weeks by myself in nature, learned from great masters, and lived in a community dedicated to enlightenment.

Each experience broadened my perspective and awareness and blessed me with more ‘mystical’ experiences, yet each peak of bliss was followed by a valley of shadows. I realized that my quest to transcend or get ‘enlightened’ was futile without fully embracing my humanity. I understood that my purpose wasn’t to chase the light, but to recognize it within every moment, especially in the darkest ones. I came to see that all my struggles, traumas, pains, and challenges are part of the journey and the keys to liberation and freedom itself. 


Free to express myself and experiment in life. To let go of any grasping, and instead to welcome and integrate all of life’s experiences. And foremost, to love and enlighten every cell of my body.

Spirituality isn’t confined to the realms of the mystical but grounded in everyday life, embodied and lived. We are multidimensional beings, but here to fully embrace our third-dimensional human experience with the blueprint we’ve chosen.

I’m here to share my journey, to help others remember who they are and integrate that into their daily lives. To play, express, and experiment, and in doing so, transcend any fixed ideas and conditioning that obscure our nature.

My paintings are reminders that we are multidimensional beings and the game that I’ve developed is meant to help people become aware of constraints and shed layers of conditioning. So, to be present and live in alignment with who they are and came here to be, while waking up from the dream of limitations.

a few things ABOUT ME

Facts, likes and events

  • According to Human Design, I am a 3/5 manifestor.
  • Creating new things is my life's fuel, even though 50% never gets finished.
  • I receive my paintings in meditations or dreams.
  • Passionate about the aesthetics of all things.
  • I've lived in 8 different countries
  • I was born with a caul on my head.
  • Coconut curry crab soup sends me to heaven. 
  • In the trenches with you.